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April 17, 2008



Thanks for using my two postings in this week's Carnival! "Monkeys To Mars..." You couldn't make it up, could you?!? ;-)

Ed Minchau

Good job on the carnival. Besides doing the space video of the day, I also oversee the Space Blogroll, and I will be adding your blog to the roll shortly; your blog will be the 249th blog on the roll. Good luck on your cubesat


The link to my post on astronomical distances came out wrong. The correct one is http://mangsbatpage.433rd.com/2008/03/astronomical-distances-are-well.html

The discussion includes a scale overlay of the solar system on the City of Toronto using a standard marble for Earth. (And I still think Pluto looks too close but I couldn't find the error.)


Thanks for pointing out the error, Mang! The link has been changed.


Ooh, I haven't read the carnival of space for a while. A lot of this looks interesting.

I was really interested in space for a while then I got really interested in Firefly back in January/February. So this is shiny--space AND firefly.

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