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September 05, 2008


Joseph Shoer

Hey there!

The CubeSat is more than a suggestion now, though still at a very early stage in development. I'm working with a Cornell undergraduate project team in an effort to design and build a simple flux pinning technology demonstration mission this academic year. The mission would likely involve two modules (perhaps two 1U CubeSats) linked by flux-pinning forces and would demonstrate actuation of the interface with electromagnets.

We're also working on a new suite of ground demos and experiments to enable further design work on flux-pinned spacecraft systems.


Thanks Joseph for the update! Best of luck to you and your team. Feel free to update Kentucky Space on your progress :-)

Joseph Shoer

Another update for you: no CubeSat yet, but we did fly a set of mockup CubeSat-sized spacecraft on a NASA microgravity aircraft this summer:


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