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October 09, 2008


David Portree

I noted a small error in your description of my post at Altair VI. Your choice of tense with regards to the Space Exploration Initiative (SEI) is misleading. SEI ended in 1993, though it had become clear that it stood no chance of getting off the ground by the summer of 1990. Your description seems to indicate that SEI is ongoing.

Also, MRSR didn't have any particular impact on SEI; in fact, it was the other way around. MRSR became a part of SEI and sank with the rest of that particular ship, though it's unlikely it would have lasted much longer anyway. SEI planners might have taken a lesson from MRSR; that is, don't assume that a high-level endorsement is blank check.


Wayne Hall

Thanks, David, for correcting me and setting the record straight.

Ian O'Neill

Oh no, did my naked singularity not make it in time for the CoS cut? http://www.astroengine.com/?p=1503 - Makes my embarrassed black hole sad :-(


PS. Great Carnival by the way!


Hey Ian, you just did! Glad to have you here.

Ian O'Neill

Yey! Thank you Wayne :-) My naked singularities will be pleased ;-)

Best wishes, Ian

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